About us

Catalpa is a not-for-profit development organisation leveraging design and technology to create a more equitable world.

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About Catalpa

Who we are

We are diverse specialists who’ve come together to solve complex challenges with creative problem solving. We are international development practitioners, education specialists, engineers, public health researchers, software engineers, interaction designers, communicators, and graphic artists.

Our multidisciplinary team means we can effectively centralise program management, design, and tech development. The result is programs that are rapidly tested and adapted, and tools that are truly fit for purpose.

What we do

In collaboration with governments, NGOs and specialist partners, we design programs that strengthen service delivery, enhance oversight, and implement systems that ultimately improve the lives of vulnerable communities.

With teams across the Asia Pacific region, our programs span education, health, social protection, environment, aid transparency, governance, infrastructure management and beyond.

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How we work

We specialise in human-centred design, a creative approach to problem solving that puts people at the centre of designing their own solutions. With a focus on truly understanding the experience of the beneficiary, human-centred design achieves impact through co-designing solutions and an iterative process of creating, testing, refining and improving.



Designing meaningful and innovative solutions begins with understanding people’s needs, goals and behaviours.



Prototyping a product or service helps us think realistically about how people would interact with it.



Through feedback and monitoring, we iterate to make things more effective for people.



Ongoing evaluation and project development means we can scale our impact while staying grounded and relevant.

Our People

Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Leite-Soares

Head of Health

Ligia Guterres

Education Technology Manager

Amjad Al Taleb

Backend Engineer

Joanico ‘Niko’ Barros

ICT Officer

Joana Liliu

eLearning Specialist

Renon Tautiaga

ICT Consultant

Sarah Treadgold

Education Team Leader

Bianca Gay

Partnerships Coordinator