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Catalpa becomes a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

Catalpa International is delighted to become a formal member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

IATI is a global aid transparency reporting standard to support transparent and accountable aid. It was launched at the Accra High-Level Forum in 2008, to respond to demands by partner countries and civil society organisations for timely, detailed and accessible information on aid flows.

Today well over 300 organisations publish information on the financial resources they make available for international development using the IATI Standard.

In Myanmar, working closely with the IATI Secretariat, the Government of Myanmar and the European Union, Catalpa is building Myanmar’s Mohinga Aid Information Management System (AIMS) providing Myanmar with the ability to monitor aid programs and spending in a way that’s smart, simple and secure.

The Mohinga AIMS is built to be IATI native. This means the way we store data directly corresponds with the requirements of the IATI Standard. This is a global first for an AIMS. Work is now underway to simplify the ability of users to import internationally reported aid data directly from the IATI Registry into the local Mohinga app. We are working hard to bring both local and international aid data together, to make it easier for people to make better decisions on the allocation of aid and resources.

We want to make it easier for organisations and governments to be open.

In February 2015, Catalpa completed its first import of IATI data into the Mohinga AIMS. This process was achieved with a 100% successful import of the UK Government's Department for International Development’s (DFID) IATI data.

As a result of the successful data import, DFID offices in Yangon didn’t need to manually enter the data for 226 activities and 935 financial transactions. With the success of this first pilot, further work is currently underway to allow other development partners to facilitate the import of their own IATI data into the Mohinga AIMS.

We are excited about the potential of IATI, and we are committed to making aid transparency reporting simple, efficient and even enjoyable. We want to make it easier for organisations and governments to be open.

Catalpa is also fully committed to improving our transparency and accountability by soon publishing our own data to the IATI Registry.

Catalpa looks forward to working closely with the IATI Secretariat and a broad range of partners to help ensure the publication of timely, comprehensive and accurate data on aid flows.


By David Roach

David Roach has been working as a project manager and front-end web developer for over 8 years. During this time, he has managed and implemented large scale technical projects with UNICEF, WHO, UNDP, The European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, USAID funded health projects and a range of other local government ministries and international organisations. Read more about David here