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Why we care about the weather.

Without much initial planning Tempu.tl started out as a fun side-project. Finding no existing weather service directly serving Timor-Leste, we went on to create a weather forecast service which not only delivers country-wide forecasts, but also forecasts for the individual district, sub-district and village.

Now, you might be thinking that the weather is always warm and sunny in Timor-leste and honestly, so did we. However, after we had a closer look at our data we observed great variations in the weather, throughout the country. We realised that our service was relevant and actually held a great potential. Tempu.tl could help people make better decisions.

With the assistance of Tempu.tl a trip from Los Palos to Baucau can now be planned to avoid muddy roads and heavy winds, the daily commute from home to work can be done without getting drenched, and the local farmer will have a better chance of planning his work and securing a good yield.

The goal was to make a service that would present weather data in a relatable and human way.

When we designed Tempu.tl the goal was to make a service that would present weather data in a relatable and human way, a way that would make the data useful and intuitive. We did this by using some amazing technology made available by the nice guys at Forecast.io. Using their database, we are able to reshape information from multiple weather satellites into neat and concise graphics and sentences, clearly explaining todays and the following weeks weather forecast. And, on a side-note, we are proud to say that the first official translation of Forecast.io’s data was into the language of Tetum, they did not see that coming.

In its current state Tempu.tl is only available as an online application, but we have bigger plans. We plan to roll out an SMS-based weather forecast service, providing weather information to anyone with a mobile phone. We believe that information, whether it is about the weather or not, should be available to everyone, and we think that our service will have a positive impact on the daily lives of people, throughout the country of Timor-Leste.


By Simon Borum

Simon is a recent graduate from Copenhagen Business School where he studied marketing and communication. He has worked and studied in Bangkok and travelled extensively through the South East Asian region. At Catalpa he applies his knowledge within social media and online marketing to help spread the word of Catalpa’s projects.