Legal Aid: Case Management System.

An Online Case Management Database for Women's and Children's Legal Aid in Timor-Leste.

Project Highlights

  • An online case management database for local NGO Women's and Children's Legal Aid.
  • Case information is stored in one central secure online database which staff login to access.
  • Staff can track a client's case through the entire legal process.

The Legal Aid service ALFela approached Catalpa to develop a case management application. The application had to meet several requirements. It needed to record all of their client information, be easy for staff to access and manage, and also aid in monitoring ALFeLa's growing caseload.

What we built?

In close collaboration with ALFeLa, we developed an online case management system tailored to the information management needs of ALFeLa's legal officers and managers.

The application records key client information in a simple to use way, and flags cases that require follow up. The application also uses the local language Tetum and enables staff to easily log in online to enter relevant data for each client and generate reports.

How is this making a difference?

By enabling ALFeLa's legal aid staff to easily and securely access information relating to their clients and cases through a simple web application, the application facilitates more effective case management, leading to better outcomes for clients.