Aid Transparency: Myanmar.

Myanmar's home-grown open source Aid Information Management System

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Project Highlights

  • Myanmar AIMS is now tracking over US$3.51 billion in aid commitments comprising over 1488 individual development partner related activities.
  • Aid flows are mapped by location, sector, program and commitment status.
  • International development partners submit their aid data through a web-interface
  • Myanmar AIMS is the first to fuse international collected IATI data with locally collected aid data into a single integrated database.
  • Oh, and Mohinga is named after a delicious traditional soup in Myanmar.

Responding to a request from the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Catalpa provided technical assistance to develop Myanmar’s Aid Information Management System (AIMS).

Working with local counterparts from the Foreign Economic Relations Department (FERD) within the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, the objective was to create an AIMS that would automate aid data collection and make it easier for FERD to analyse aid flows. The challenge was figuring out how to store large amounts of local and international aid data for Myanmar, and present this data is an intuitive and visually rich, yet simple manner.

What we built?

In phase 1 of the project, the foundation of the software was designed and developed with national FERD counterparts. In phase 2, the web-application was extended to include an online reporting form, enabling FERD and Myanmar’s development partners to submit their aid data through an online web-interface.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) publishing framework for aid data was also integrated during the second phase. This means that all of Myanmar’s aid data including data from development partner home offices and locally collected data can be stored in one integrated database.

How is this making a difference?

As a result of progress made during phases one and two, the Myanmar AIMS is now tracking over US$3.51 billion in aid commitments comprising over 1488 individual development partner related activities. The recently developed web-application is also mapping, graphing and visually representing aid flows by location, sector, program status and commitment status. All of this information is stored and presented in both the English and Myanmar languages. Additionally, the web application facilitates basic report generation and a simple "print to PDF " feature for visually representing aid flows, assisting FERD staff with their internal reporting requirements.

This initial success has now generated significant interest in expanding this foundation to further assist FERD, development partners and other stakeholders groups. This will go a long way towards enhancing the ability of all groups to access aid information in accordance with the Busan Partnership Agreement principle of strengthening the capacities of all relevant stakeholders to make better use of aid information in decision- making and to promote accountability (Busan Partnership Commitment 23(b)).