Tempu.tl: weather forecasts.

Timor-Leste's first online weather forecast service.

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Project Highlights

  • Uses satellite based forecast data mapped to Timor-Leste geographical boundaries to provide forecasts for every District, Sub-District, Suco or Aldeia.
  • Check the weather for the coming week or find out what time the rain will start.
  • Forecasts are available in English, Tetum and Portuguese.
  • And we built this one for fun!

Prior to the development of Tempu.tl, weather forecasts for the towns and villages of Timor-Leste were not available online.

What we built?

For the first time, Tempu.tl makes accurate weather forecast information available for Timor-Leste's Districts, Sub-districts, Sucos and Aldeias. The weather data behind Tempu.tl is powered by the brilliant minds at Forecast.io and many satellites. Our weather information is pulled in from a wide range of data sources, which are aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location. We built Tempu.tl to also work with tablets and smart phones because the weather is best appreciated outdoors. On mobile devices with GPS, Tempu.tl will sense where you are and provide you with weather information specific to your location.

How is this making a difference?

With the development of Tempu.tl, people in Timor-Leste can now easily find an accurate weather forecast online for their local area. And soon we will be adding the option of receiving SMS updates, delivering weather information specific to peoples location and directly to their mobile phones.