Aid Coordination

Digital program management for the aid sector

For development program management to be efficient, partners need to be on the same page. Here's Openly.

Making collaboration simpler

Coordination of aid projects can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple implementing partners involved. Our Openly platform is changing that. It makes digital program management more efficient, and aid more transparent.

Openly is an open data information management platform. It's the backbone of many of our projects, including Mohinga and Hamutuk. Openly helps aid programs’ implementing partners better measure the impact of their work by aggregating activities and program results. It’s easy to use, with simple dashboards, donor profiles, activity profiles, data collection tools and an online help desk.

Openly is based on the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard, working towards better monitoring, data and reporting. As well as coordination, it helps inform local decision-making with shared data on progress towards goals. It’s secure, easily updated, and creates better understanding.

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