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Supporting people through labour mobility between the Pacific and Australia

The chance to earn wages in Australia can be life-changing for many families. We're supporting workers through the journey via the Pacific Labour Facility.

Helping people navigate employment abroad

The opportunity to work abroad can be life-changing for many families. Labour mobility can also be a win-win for all countries involved.

The Pacific Labour Facility supports mobility and seasonal workers from across the Pacific, giving people the chance to earn wages in Australia. It offers skills building and income opportunities while filling gaps in the Australian job market, often in agriculture or hospitality in regional areas. And with participants taking these skills back home with them, it’s also upskilling the workforce in the Pacific.

In our work, we're making sure people are supported through the program. We’re exploring the use of technology to share information, manage recruitment, create support systems, and build financial literacy while participants work in Australia. That includes helping them with things like accommodation and community orientation. We’re also looking to reduce the cost of sending money back home to the Pacific, an important source of income for many families. And throughout it, we'll be working to understand people's journeys through the program, including what's challenging and what needs more attention.

By working alongside people through this important stage in their lives, we can support economic growth in the Pacific and in Australia.

Check out more about the program via DevPolicy.

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