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IMG-20240620-WA0024 (1) Juliet participates in and facilitates events organised by WITSI Juliet Horihau

Juliet Horihau: EdTech Specialist

As a proud Solomon Islander, Juliet has two passions in life: preserving traditional culture and bridging the digital divide.

Armed with a degree in Mathematics and Information Systems from the University of the South Pacific, Juliet’s mission is to make sure Pacific islanders reap all the possible benefits of technology and the access that brings. Her dedication to integrating modern technology with traditional education is making waves in the Pacific region.

“It is important to know and preserve our culture, but also to understand the world as it is today,” she emphasises. This philosophy guides her efforts to bridge the gap between tradition and technology, ensuring that Pacific islanders can thrive in an increasingly digital world.

“My job is helping teachers and school leaders to learn how to use ICT in their classrooms, not only to save time and money but to improve teaching and learning.” Most recently Juliet worked on the Pacific eLearing Program (PeP) which enhances science education with a mobile-friendly, culturally aware training program.

“Our work aims to not only enhance educational opportunities but also foster a sense of empowerment among students and communities,” Juliet says. “By leveraging technology, we are opening doors to new possibilities, enabling learners to access information, connect with global peers, and acquire skills that are essential in today's job market.”

The generation gap can manifest in the classroom, where students are often more comfortable with technology than their teachers. “Technology can be challenging for people who have had less exposure or are older - but they are missing out on resources and support that could really make a difference in their lives.”

Being a positive role model is central to Juliet’s personal philosophy. “As one of the first of my generation in my village to study abroad - this really gave the younger generation something to aspire to. When I am speaking to girls, it is obvious some of them are a bit overwhelmed or intimidated by tech. But then I tell them 'If I can do it, why can't you?’.”

Juliet emphasises that formal education is not the only way to go: “You don’t always need a formal ICT education - you can learn from free courses online or from YouTube.”

“My role at Catalpa actually complements my values and heritage: in our culture, working together cooperatively to accomplish something positive is key, paving the way for a more inclusive and progressive Pacific region, where our rich cultural heritage is honored and the benefits of the digital age are fully embraced.”

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