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How an app is changing the lives of women and babies

Two weeks before a woman gives birth, she receives a phone call from a clinic. That simple phone call helps save lives.

By receiving it, that woman’s chances of giving birth at a clinic rapidly increase.

By Gabriela Leite-Soares

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What’s in a Persona? Using fictional characters to create a shared understanding of community members in Holarua.

In Hamutuk, a multi-sector nutrition initiative funded by the Australian government, we are using human centered design techniques to help identify new ways to combat malnutrition in Timor-Leste.

One design tool we are using is a Persona. The goal of a persona, is to describe how certain types of people behave. Using research and in-depth interviews it tries to understand an individual’s key goals, constraints, behaviours as well as strategies for engagement.

By Meghan Arakelian

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Catalpa joins the Joined-Up Data Alliance.

Catalpa is excited to announce that it has become a member of the Joined-Up Data Alliance (JDA).

The JDA aims to bring together open data standards setters, users, and advocates in fields such as development cooperation, humanitarian relief, public contracting and natural resource governance to collaborate on the exchange and interoperability of open data.

By Anders Hofstee

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Helping address under-nutrition with open data.

On 26 September, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced a new Australian Aid Program initiative in Timor-Leste aimed at tackling chronic undernutrition and anaemia in women and children. Catalpa International is proud to be one of the the implementing partners.

The initiative is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) innovationXchange, created in March 2015 to support innovation across the Australian aid program.

By David Roach

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Catalpa becomes a member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

Catalpa International is delighted to become a formal member of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

IATI is a global aid transparency reporting standard to support transparent and accountable aid. It was launched at the Accra High-Level Forum in 2008, to respond to the demand by partner countries and civil society organisations for timely, detailed and accessible information on aid flows.

By David Roach

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What MAMA taught us.

Last month MAMA came to town. MAMA is the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action. As part of the annual MAMA conference, it brought nine mHealth professionals from eight countries to Timor-Leste to learn about the Liga Inan Project.

By Kate Williams

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Why we care about the weather.

Without much initial planning Tempu.tl started out as a fun side-project. Finding no existing weather service directly serving Timor-Leste, we went on to create a weather forecast service which not only delivers country-wide forecasts, but also forecasts for the individual district, sub-district and village.

By Simon Borum

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Timor’s food security monitors collaborate online.

In October, Catalpa wrapped up four days of training with Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries national food security monitoring team. Monitors from all 13 districts of Timor Leste were present, representing 442 Villages.

By David Roach

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