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Catalpa Quarterly Newsletter | December 2023

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As we approach the end of another big year for Catalpa, we’re taking a (brief and precious) moment to stop and reflect.

And looking back, this year has been a testament to the power of partnership.

We’ve made positive progress in projects across the Asia Pacific, and in every case, these successes are the result of collaboration, shared vision, and collective hard work

As we all know in the sphere of international development, sustainable impact only happens when you listen, work together, and are in it for the long game.

Societies and systems don’t change overnight. Change takes time and it takes a village.

So, thank you. We appreciate your support and we look forward to working with you in the year ahead.


Catalpa’s Highlights of 2022


35 Pacific Island schools actively engaged in the Pacific eLearning Program which was found to be “highly effective in testing an innovative model for e-learning that meet the challenges (of schools that) face difficulties connecting to internet or accessing resources.”


1 custom platform designed, developed and deployed for Timor-Leste's National Program for Village Development (PNDS). The Ida platform supports data collection, reporting, effective decision-making, and strengthens transparency across rural development management.


3 products launched Vojo: A Road Asset Management System joins Catalpa’s growing portfolio of customisable products. Also includes a mobile learning platform (Bero) and collaborative information management system (Openly).


61,000 women and children received monthly cash payments totalling US$5.5million under Timor-Leste Government’s social protection program supporting national nutrition, health, education and poverty outcomes.


100% satisfaction rate with the Bero-based online learning platform for Kumul Helt Skul. Users said the platform was easy to access, use and navigate, and that the digital approach was appropriate for their learning needs.


12.9% increase in knowledge for healthcare professionals participating in the Kumul Helt Skul blended learning program, upskilling busy healthcare workers in 2 Papua New Guinea hospitals. Read more in The Lancet journal.


137,000 women enrolled in Timor-Leste’s Liga Inan program. Enrolled women are 2x more likely to deliver their child at a health facility, and 5x more likely to access antenatal care.


>60 teachers participated in our biggest online Community of Practice to discuss their experiences participating in the Pacific eLearning Program and to share ideas across the region.


1,600 emergency ambulance calls received and managed by Ambulansia, a system improving emergency preparedness, response and coordination. Used by partners across the Timor-Leste health system, it logs calls, provide real-time updates, and dispatches services quickly and efficiently.


66 PNG health sector specialists participated in the co-design of digital solutions to meet the challenges of asset and budget management constraints for sub-national partners in Papua New Guinea's health system.


62 locations across 5 regions involved in GoPNG’s Bilum workshops. These sessions introduced almost 500 participants to the new integrated DIMS/SIP management system including Ministers, Secretaries, Provincial and Districts Administrators.


Thanks again for your support throughout the year. Our offices will be closed from 18th December, returning 2 January 2024. For more updates, sign up below to receive our quarterly newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

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