We make amazing things.

What we design. and build.

We build amazing things to help people make better decisions.

Mobile & SMS Apps

We build mobile and SMS based apps because today more people interact with information over mobile devices than traditional PCs & laptops. And in the developing world even more so.


We have a strong technology and database team. We use great open tools, and build our apps to take advantage of the cloud. We make complicated things work in a simple way.

Design & Research

We undertake research to generate ideas that have the potential to impact lives. We value ideas, and strongly believe in sharing them.

Our approach. And process.

We work hard to understand the real needs of our users by centering our design and development process around them.

Too often in the developing world, organisations with limited capacity are burdened by software that is complicated and doesn't meet peoples real needs. We value people, and their input. As a result, our design process is based on understanding and empathising with our clients unique requirements. Because people and context matter.


Designing meaningful and innovative solutions that serve people begins with understanding their needs. We use a process called “human-centered” design and we start by getting to know the people we are designing for. We examine their needs, goals, and behaviours, and through this lens we frame the entire design process.


Through brainstorming, sketching and feedback, we start the process of prototyping a tangible and feasible product. We use prototypes and sketches to help us think in realistic terms about how someone would interact with the concept. And feedback then inspires further iterations to make solutions more compelling.


We then focus on delivering great results, and turning ideas into amazing products and services. We also encourage on-going evaluation and iteration, so the solutions developed stay grounded in real-world and continue to provide real value.

We design & build amazing things.

Design is how it works. We believe that software should be simple, intuitive and not require extensive training to use. And if it looks great in the process -- fantastic!