Amplifying impact with a human-centred approach, we offer a diverse range of services that blend design, technology, and international development for transformative impact.


Program Design and Management

At Catalpa, we see potential in every collaboration. Our work goes beyond transactions — it’s about crafting enduring partnerships with governments, NGOs, and purpose driven partners. We work together to design programs that not only deliver but create change, we prioritise two things: people centred approaches and a deep-seated intent to create positive change.

  • Shaping Futures, Together: We co-design impactful programs with partners. We stand shoulder to shoulder designing programs and services that become the bedrock for partners to flourish.
  • Designing impactful services: Through collective workshops and deep dives, we work with partners and governments to redesign service delivery around the moments that improve efficiency, experience and effectiveness.
  • Empathy in Action: By placing people at the heart of our designs, we ensure that our programs are not only effective but also empathetic. It's a journey of understanding, of walking a mile in another's shoes, and then charting a path forward that feels right, together.
  • Innovation Meets Intention: The marriage of innovative design and clear intention is powerful. We embrace this approach, weaving together design thinking with a laser focus on our ultimate goal: improving people's lives and helping to create a more equitable world.
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Digital Development, Strategy, and Services

We recognize that technology is not just a tool—it's a powerful enabler, when used well it can profoundly amplify our impact, transforming how governments and partners provide services and expand access and reach. What we do;

  • Create digital services that empower: From building robust digital platforms to harnessing the power of data for actionable insights. We don't just offer solutions; we partner, ensuring every digital endeavour elevates our partners mission and amplifies their impact.
  • Human-Centred Digital Design: We design digital experiences that don’t just work—they feel right, intuitive, and transformative. Crafted with deep understanding of the context, we prioritise offline-first, accessibility, simplicity, and intuition, ensuring they thrive precisely where they're needed
  • A digital strategy for tomorrow: The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are we. Our strategies are agile, forward-looking, and built on the bedrock of empathy. We're not just keeping pace with the digital revolution; we're helping shape its trajectory.

Designing Impact Across Domains

In every sector we work, we see opportunities to combine deep sectoral knowledge, creative problem solving and the potential of digital to innovate, connect and create impact. Across a number of sectors, we build multi-disciplinary teams to try new approaches, including;

  • Education & skills: Through our elearning designs, we're not just improving outcomes — we're reimagining how we learn, how we teach, and how we grow together.
  • Digital Health: The right healthcare intervention at the right time can be transformative, even lifesaving. Digital tools have the potential to transform service delivery and health outcomes.
  • Social Protection: We're championing a digital-first approach to social protection, where technology becomes a bridge, not a barrier.
  • Accountability & Governance: We work with partners to streamline processes, enhance public trust, and strengthen democratic values.
  • Rural Development & Infrastructure: We work with government to strengthen planning, oversight and management of sub-national programs, and funding flows.
  • Law & Justice: We collaborate with legal aid groups to streamline referral pathways and reinforce support systems for equitable access to legal support, especially for women and children.
  • Agriculture & Environment: Digital tools play an integral role in protecting precious natural resources, habitats, biodiversity from natural and man-made threats - including climate change.

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