Catalpa is a reflection of the smart, motivated and talented individuals that work within it.

We’re a diverse team of experienced development practitioners, sector specialists, researchers, data analysts, digital designers, systems and interaction specialists, software engineers, communicators, and other related specialisations.

Recognising the interconnectedness of development goals and digital tools, this unique multidisciplinary team works collaboratively, efficiently and flexibly to solve complex challenges.

We combine our personal expertise with a passion for continuous improvement, enabling us to be flexible and creative in our approaches, and ensuring we are continually learning from others.

Our people

Ruwel Kumar

Operations Manager

Mariano ‘Ano’ de Deus

ICT Officer

Joshua Brooks

Backend Engineer

Rebekah Ilave

Program Coordinator

Brian Francisco


Alessandro Roux

Software Engineer/Product Lead

Sarah Treadgold

Education Team Leader

Rosalinda Mercuri

eLearning Officer

Roberto Maurizzi

Software Engineer

Dickri Prima Yudha

Frontend Engineer

Nicole Johnston

Communications Lead

Grasinda do Rosario

Office Assistant

Noah Mawe

Senior Program Coordinator

Peter Coward

Head of Engineering

Sónia Simões

Project Leader

Anders Hofstee


Junior Indart

Product Lead

Onarina Umu

Partnerships Coordinator

Elli-Jayne ‘EJ’ Willard

Frontend Engineer

Christine Boude

Team Leader, Bilum Program

Sara Afonso

Finance Officer

David Roach


Arlindo (Carlito) dos Santos


Juliana Teixeira

Head of Products

Renon Tautiaga

ICT Consultant

Andrew Erbs

Edtech Specialist

Wicher Minnaard

Principal Software Engineer

Paulo Amaral

Data Analyst

Andrew 'Andy' Wapling

Senior Design Consultant

Joana Liliu

eLearning Specialist

Ligia Guterres

Education Technology Manager

Pauna Kule

Project Officer

Karen Hill

Partnerships & Growth Manager

Onorio ‘Ony’ de Jesus Afonso

ICT Officer

Bri Olewale

Senior Program Coordinator

Mose Mose

eLearning Specialist

Juliet Horihau

eLearning Specialist

Isabel Pereira

Project Coordinator

Lindon Smith

ICT Consultant

Artila Devi

Team Leader

Joanico ‘Niko’ Barros

ICT Officer

Pedro Almeida

Production Manager

Raphael ‘Rapha’ Merx

Head of Governance & Transparency

Meggan Turner

Frontend Engineer

Mário Alves Pinto

ICT Officer

Sharon Edington

Program Quality Manager

Paula Rita Viana

Project Coordinator

Sarah Narayan

Graphic Designer

Amjad Al Taleb

Backend Engineer

Keren Gifford

People & Culture Manager

Sérgio Esteves

Frontend Engineer

Vanessa Risyam De Jesus

Gender Based Violence Project Officer

Kara Chesal

Head of Education & Gender

Tanya Apana

Finance & Operations Officer

Dan Cook

ICT Consultant, Cook Islands

Kate Michelly

Program Manager, International Development


Our kind of people

We attract passionate, motivated individuals who understand that no matter how committed we are, we are not the owners of the problems we seek to solve. We know that our commitment will never outlast those within the systems that are seeking to change it. Rather, we succeed by listening and supporting others. We are curious, creative, pragmatic and kind. Sound like you?

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