Law and Justice

Faster response for victims of violence

The Hamahon application connects frontline responders to refer women and children to the assistance they need, by making phone numbers accessible and editable.



To help frontline responders coordinate needs for victims of domestic violence



A simple mobile app with easily accessible and editable phone numbers






The Asia Foundation and many local NGOs

Many phone numbers in Timor-Leste are mobile or cell numbers. Phone numbers can change, and people are sometimes away. So what happens when a frontline responder needs to contact someone? Delays in finding the right person to talk to means delays in care and justice for victims of domestic violence. Our team took on a community project to help solve this problem.

The Referral Network is a group of organisations that provide frontline services for victims of violence. To help them coordinate, we built the Referral App. It’s a simple mobile application and web platform with phone numbers of organisations in the network. It provides backup numbers, organizational profiles, and the ability to flag a number for follow-up if it’s not working. The app can also be used by people across Timor-Leste who need shelter, legal assistance or other services. The goal is a more effective process to help victims of violence.

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