We design with people, not just for people

At the heart of our design philosophy is collaboration. We believe that the most effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions emerge when we partner directly with those we serve. By involving them in every step of the design process, we ensure that our programs are not just inspired by real-world needs but actively shaped by them.

How we work

Putting people first with human-centred design

Through human-centred design (HCD and design thinking) we place individuals at the centre of our design process, to ensure our programs are relevant, meet peoples real needs, and are tailored to the contexts in which they live and work.

Solving complex challenges together through co-design

We believe in the power of collaboration. Instead of a traditional top-down approach, we use co-design to foster an equal partnership with those that are directly experiencing the problem. We know that people are experts in their own experiences and their insights lead to outcomes that are more effective and sustainable.

Embracing change with agile and adaptive management

We understand that the context in which our programs operate can be complex. Instead of trying to predict the future, we manage risk through small and iterative units of work and rounds of feedback. It equips us with the adaptability needed to navigate the complexities of development work, reducing risks by ensuring we're always ready to address change.

Our process


Understanding is the cornerstone of innovative design. To craft impactful programs, we delve deep into people's needs, aspirations, and behaviours, building empathy into every facet of our design process.


Instead of fixating on initial concepts, we explore diverse ideas. We then rigorously vet the most compelling to gauge their feasibility and fit within the context. Creating the space to diverge and converge for creative ideas.


Embracing a culture of always learning, we use continuous feedback and iteration to adapt and improve our approaches based on what is working, and what isn’t, allowing us to amplify what is most effective.

Evaluate & Iterate

Feedback is an integral part of our journey. As we roll out programs, continuous monitoring ensures we learn, adapt and make change. Regular assessments help us understand and amplify our impact.

We bring together...

Deep contextual & regional knowledge

Locally embedded teams and leadership

Human-centred design processes & agile management

In-house digital expertise & engineering

Diverse specialists from international development & beyond

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