Paving the path to progress: enhancing access to education, healthcare and jobs

Transformative road management and planning for growth


Infrastructure & Public Assets

Allowing access to better data for informed decision making on public investments in improved road infrastructure, for economic growth and access to services and opportunities


A road asset management system that enables collection and analysis of an extensive set of data on road conditions across the country for better decision making and efficient investment


Timor-Leste Ministry of Public Works, International Labour Organisation, VicRoads, supported by Australian Aid


A sophisticated bespoke online road management information system was created and delivered to the government of Timor-Leste. The system was customized to Timor-Leste road design and maintenance standards and was fully handed over to the Ministry of Public Works.

Transforming lives: the impact of roads

Building and maintaining roads is not just about laying down tarmac — it's about investing in the well-being and prosperity of communities. These roads are lifelines, connecting people to essential services like healthcare and education, as well as to economic opportunities.

In rural areas, where agriculture is a key livelihood, better roads mean farmers can bring their goods to markets faster and more efficiently. This not only boosts their incomes but also strengthens food security for the entire community. Improved road networks also mean quicker access to medical facilities, ensuring that critical care is within reach during emergencies and routine health check-ups.

Well-maintained roads reduce travel times and costs, benefitting commuters and families. Children can attend school regularly and safely, while parents can access better job opportunities. These roads are bridges to a brighter future, enabling communities to thrive and grow.

The Estrada program's strategic approach recognizes the transformative power of roads. By focusing on sustainable investments and efficient management, the program is not just building roads—it's building a foundation for a more connected, prosperous, and resilient Timor-Leste.


Estrada was designed to achieve and sustain good road conditions at minimal cost


Support was provided by VicRoads, an Australian Government department with 30 years experience working internationally to help implement best practice road transport solutions.

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