Agriculture and Environment

Toward food security in Timor-Leste

Access to food is a human right. Tracking growth, harvest, consumption and distribution can assist governments with decision-making and preparation.



To improve preparation, monitoring and response to eliminate hunger



An online platform with food security data from across the country






The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Timor-Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

For a zero-hunger world, we need to make sure everyone has nutritious food to eat. But many things can affect what’s available. That includes the cost of growing food, environmental effects, climate change, and barriers to distribution.

The Suco Level Food Security Monitoring System (SMSANS) is a web app that collects food security information across Timor-Leste. It’s used by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAP). It collects information from a network of food security officers based in villages, providing monthly reports for the national and district levels. The system tracks what’s growing, what’s being harvested, what’s being consumed, and what areas are in need of attention. It integrates this information with data on the economy and climate.

Through the system, we provide reliable food security information to decision makers. It means there’s an early warning mechanism in place, helping reduce disaster risk and prompt early action.

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