Enabling an inclusive health service

Healthcare can better support people with disabilities. The ‘disability booklet’ encourages personalised, continuous support from health professionals.



To provide better care for people with disabilities



A booklet for people to carry with them to health visits






The Disability Association of Timor-Leste, CBM Australia and the Timor-Leste Ministry of Health, supported by Australian Aid

Putting people in control of their health

Healthcare isn’t always inclusive. When it leaves behind marginalised groups, it can create even bigger socioeconomic gaps. Healthcare professionals aren’t always trained in treating people with disabilities. To help bridge the gap, we’re facilitating a personalized, easy-to-use health booklet that can be built on over time.

The Disability Booklet helps improve relationships between people with disabilities and their medical providers. It provides health staff with disability information they might not be familiar with. It can record diagnoses, treatments and referrals, helping them understand the needs of individual patients. It’s easy to update, and people with disabilities can take it home and bring it next visit. Using the booklet, there’s consistent interaction between health providers and people with disabilities.

The booklet also helps link people with the right services, such as other health providers or disability groups. It’s supported by advocacy materials developed alongside more than 20 local and international organisations.

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