Equipping teachers with confidence in the classroom

To improve student learning, Matenek addresses teachers’ skills, motivation and access to resources.

As teachers’ knowledge improves, so does their students’ performance

Student enrolment has improved in many developing countries—but education systems still struggle with improving outcomes. The teacher is one of the most important factors here. Research tells us that to improve student learning, we need to address teachers’ skills, motivation, access to resources, and school governance. Leveraging technology, we can do this in partnership with national governments to support systemic change.

"I became a teacher to educate our children as the future of Timor-Leste and to develop our country."

Matenek is an education project using mobile technology to empower teachers. It's designed in partnership with Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The goal is to improve teachers’ confidence by enhancing preparation, pedagogical skills and classroom management techniques. That way, they can better support their students.

The Matenek app incorporates lesson plans, professional development videos and notifications to prompt preparation and monitoring.

The Matenek app is designed using evidence-based approaches to education, teaching and learning. It increases teachers' access to lesson plans and curricular resources, making them available on their smartphones. Using the app, teachers are supported to prepare classroom materials. This is all integrated with the national curriculum—teachers receive notifications, mark curricular progress, and get help through difficult topics. The app also contains professional development videos to build their capabilities.

Field research, interviews and data collected through the app help us make sure the project continues to meet teachers’ and government needs.

Through rigorous research and user testing, Matenek is designed to complement teachers’ daily schedules.

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