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A whole-of-government platform for public investment projects

The Myanmar Project Bank facilitates the effective, coordinated and transparent financing of major investment projects in Myanmar.

Greater coordination for major investment projects

Coordination between government agencies to structure major investment projects can be a challenge, especially when the projects span multiple locations, multiple sectors and multiple sources of financing. The Project Bank platform makes digital project management more efficient, by defining a clear framework for the identification, appraisal and prioritization of government projects.

Our platform facilitates collaboration between different government departments when defining new major investment projects, and offers a centralized service where up-to-date information on all projects is easily accessible.

"An online one-stop-shop, where all information on projects designed to implement the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan can be easily accessed with a single click."

Greater transparency for major investment projects

The Project Bank platform makes government project information publicly accessible, including social, environmental, economic and risk indicators for each project.

Investors and development partners can access key data points such as financing plans, project timelines, status and contact details, helping them to identify how they can best contribute to each project.

Citizens of Myanmar can access clear and detailed information regarding how each project aligns with national development objectives.

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