Making weather data accessible

Knowing whether it’ll rain tomorrow can help farmers make decisions. Here's


Agriculture & Environment

To help farmers, communities and the public access weather information


A multilingual website with easy-to-understand forecasts across Timor-Leste

Will it rain tomorrow? is Timor-Leste’s first online weather forecast system. It makes the weather accessible in multiple languages. Using satellite forecast data, it maps information at the district, village and community levels.

For farmers, simple knowledge of whether it’s going to rain can help them make decisions about their crops. It’s also useful for communities to know when rains are coming—in Timor-Leste, sometimes that means roads get cut off or people need to move their animals.

An image of the Tempu web application

The data behind comes from and many satellites. We pull information from multiple sources, and aggregate them to provide the most accurate forecast we can for everyone.

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